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MARKHAM Landscape Products provides soils for many different uses. Our Piedmont Screened Topsoil is a premium blended topsoil that provides an optimum growing medium for lawns, shrubs, and trees. In addition we also carry Gardner's Choice compost and pine bark fines that can be used as amendments for the topsoil to add nutrients and other benefits.


Screened Topsoil
The Screened Topsoil is a blend of composted organic amendments, local soils, and sand to provide a general purpose planting soil, ideal for lawns, shrubs, and trees.

Gardener's Choice
Our Gardner's Choice is a 100% natural compost blend that is very rich in nutrients. This blend is considered an amendment and should be mixed together with a topsoil for the best results. A soil mixed with the Gardner's Choice is great for all types of planting including flowers, vegetables, ornamental shrubbery and trees.

Pine Bark Fines 1
This material is composed of very fine pine bark. It is a great amendment for the garden which adds organic matter and acidity to the soil. It is also used as a fine mulch around flowers.

1 Only available in the Denver Location.

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